Now that the new year is here! Now what!

Every New Years Eve I always listen to my husband talk about what his resolutions are and he writes them down and keeps them in his wallet.  I think that is amazing but this year I am trying to do small things to help create balance in my life.  I am trying to do small things that will help me.  As a mom I am always trying to help and do for someone else and so often I forget about nurturing myself.  I am a work in progress just like all of us and sometimes we all need a little reminder to take better care of ourselves so we can keep doing what we do the best we can.  So, this year my resolutions are small but I am really trying to stick with them everyday.  Sometimes I find myself either being distracted or doing one more thing for someone else...UGH!  Ok here goes!

Resolution #1

Make one green smoothie a day.  Make sure I use my favorite fruit and put in a scoop of Spirolina and Chorella and use Coconut water.  I am trying to use more superfoods!


Resolution #2

Take time to learn how to breath.  Use a Meditation App on my phone to help guide me.


Resolution #3

Go to Yoga one or two times a week.  I need to focus on stretching and breathing as this is a good recovery for my body!


So as you can see...pretty basic but as with everyone we can all get so busy with our lives we push little things aside.  I hope you can think of something you can do for yourself and it doesn't even need to be a New Years resolution!  Be good to little things for kind to yourself!    th


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